The Best of Italy network, with a view to enhancing and promoting Italian excellence, could not neglect the operators in the communication and publishing sector who, very often, are hidden and entrenched behind a screen trying to make the most of their knowledge, their skills in order to offer quality services far from superficiality.

The cultural industry of the Bel Paese has not remained indifferent to the innovative ferment that has affected every production sector. Of course, it is no longer just about producing editorial content in paper format, but most editorial and cultural production has moved to the web.

In this regard, new professionals have been born related to the web whose training relates to fields and areas that are still developing and constantly growing.

Before we get to the contemporary period, let’s take a look at the past.

Italian publishing, after the first experiences of booksellers, printers and publishers of the modern age, saw the first real phase of development in the first decades of the nineteenth century.

The Italian publishing sector (closely linked to paperbacks) has lived through particularly dark and dark periods especially with the advent of platforms and technological supports that, while removing customers from the traditional market, on the other offered new tools to live the experience related to reading.

In order not to succumb to what is usually done? Update yourself, accept news and prepare in the best way to be competitive, ready and qualified.

That has happened!

To date, the sector in question brings together the professionals who deal with the production and dissemination of information through the mass media, which go to support and support traditional media.

Alongside those who create content for websites and platforms (editors, translators, copywriters, journalists) there are the technicians who manage the printing process and the web editors who deal with the digital transposition of content.

If you look at the business landscape, you will see that there are many news and communication agencies born. The presence of the agencies is growing and developing strongly, this is due to the fact that many companies are understanding the importance of communication and even more important is knowing how to choose which agency to rely on.

How to do it? Evaluating skills and professionalism, indispensable and always current requirements.

Who are the communication professionals?

The copywriter is the one who produces necessary content quickly and efficiently, ensuring the quality and formal correctness of the written text. Fundamental is the knowledge of Italian spelling and grammar and also, not inconsiderable aspect, the wise use of words. In carrying out his work a copywriter cannot, and must not, leave anything to chance.

The web editor is the professional who deals with the drafting, uploading and management of content on websites, blogs, portals and – commerce and social networks.

And if the site or platform is multilingual how do you do it? Who is in charge of translations?

And here is how the synergy between communication professionals and translators is created.

No, you don’t interpret. What’s the difference? They are both professionals with years of studying foreign languages behind them but the interpreter, mainly, deals with translations in presence, the translator works on written texts. The foreign language professional has the difficult task of making what is produced in Italian understandable to readers of other nationalities. This requires an excellent knowledge, first of all of the Italian language and then of the reader’s language.

The blogger is a content writer, articles, and posts specifically for a blog. He curating and managing the contents of the blog, starting from the choice of the topic to be covered, passing from editing to optimization for search engines.

The world of communication is constantly growing, requiring commitment, creativity, professionalism and quality. It is a sector that cannot operate and work alone, it needs cooperation with other professionals and operators in other sectors.

We could say that communication marries the soul of the Best of Italy network, that is, “traveling together”.

“And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment before the journey, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow comes to visit us and tell us about his promises.”

Milan Kundera